Between tennis, badminton and volleyball: discovering beach tennis at ASA Vauzelles

This is called killing two birds with one stone. At the same time as the work on the second padel court was being completed on the Ateliers site, ASA Vauzelles acquired a beach tennis court, which was the subject of entertainment last weekend as part of the club (tennis and padel).

“It’s an opportunity,” smiles Romain Escouffier, president of the ASAV. “On this part of the field, we did not have sufficient dimensions to install our second padel there. On the other hand, it was exactly right for a beach! “110 tons of sand were needed to refine the playing area. “We spread it by hand with the volunteers”, slips the treasurer of the departmental committee, not unhappy “to diversify the club’s offers for a limited cost , €5,500”.

“They did well,” notes Maëlle Hibon, Development Advisor at the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté League. “Usually, we are closer to €10,000. »

Beach tennis is one of the “more fun, less restrictive and less expensive” alternatives, underlines the French number 11 in the discipline and regional champion with the Icaunaise Camille Germain (Appoigny, number 24). “We are between badminton, tennis and volleyball. »

We no longer take into account the diagonal: we serve where we want from the baseline. In fact, there are few constraints at the level of the rules.

maelle hibon (development advisor to the League)

The beach is practiced two against two. The points (with no-ad rule at 40 equality) and the service are the same as in tennis, with the difference that there is no second ball. The nuances don’t stop there. “We no longer take into account the diagonal: we serve where we want from the baseline,” says Maëlle Hibon. “In fact, there are few constraints in terms of the rules. This is what makes the beach so attractive. “Attractiveness, a key word in the spirit of the times.

“Clubs are reminded that their main activity remains tennis, but they are also reminded of the need to be vigilant in relation to expectations. Today, members no longer come to tennis to play tennis. They are waiting for other proposals. The beach is one of these alternatives”, essential to retain licensees.

Not a seasonal sport

In this context, in September, the French Tennis Federation (FFT) issued the first specific beach licenses. “It’s a discipline with its specificities, such as barefoot movement. It’s the most difficult, ”extends Maëlle Hibon. “We are not used to running in the sand. The supports are less natural and have nothing to do with hard ground. »

The region has only five “active” clubs, but only three have structures, Appoigny, Beaune and now Vauzelles, as well as the League in Dijon. “Cosne”, which was one of the precursors in the region with four beach lots, “stopped before the Covid and did not relaunch the activity. ASCAP Montbéliard does not have land, but plays on a nautical base. All you have to do is find a sandy space, such as a beach volleyball court, and come with a kit, including two posts, a net and lines, in order to mark out the field. Here we go… “

Still little known, beach tennis, dominated by Italians and Brazilians on the international scene, also has a significant advantage. “You shouldn’t believe that it’s a seasonal sport”, underlines Maëlle Hibon. “The rain is not a hindrance. The Appoigny club plays all year round. »

“I already have license requests,” concluded Romain Escouffier.

Yannick Borde


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