Biarrot Jalagonia ‘have yet to realize’ after Georgia success in Wales

do you think you can tell us about this match?

The atmosphere was incredible. This stadium is a kind of rugby paradise, one of the most beautiful places in the world to play, so it made us want to play a big game even more. Afterwards, on the pitch, we didn’t give up. Even being led (Editor’s note, from the 20th to the 78th minute), we knew that we had to continue to fight and hang on. On a given and completely done until the end, until the victory.

Did you really believe victory was possible by entering the field?

The victory against Italy (28-19, July 8 in Georgia) gave us enormous confidence. Personally and for the group, it was a kind of march that made us grow, become stronger and tell us that we could compete against the big teams. Coming into the November Tests, that win helped us believe in something against Wales. We worked a lot and it’s huge to have succeeded.

“Playing a seven or eight nations tournament every year, with Italy too, would be a great chance to continue to grow”

The Georgian third line has worn the colors of the Biarritz Olympique first team for three seasons, after two years playing with the Espoirs.

Emilie Drouinaud

When did you achieve the feat you have just accomplished?

(laughs) I guess I haven’t really realized yet. Coming back to Biarritz, I was still aware of the victory but I find it hard to tell myself that it was against the Welsh!

Wasn’t it too hard to leave your teammates to return to your respective clubs?

If necessary. There was a lot of emotion, which we shared with the team and the Georgians who were in the stadium. I would like to thank them for the trust they have placed in us as well. I think my mind still stuck in Cardiff for a bit. It’s the best match of my career, I will remember it for a long time. But now, we have to change fashion to continue the season with Biarritz.

This is a new build team for Georgia State…

Yes. It will give us even more confidence but we will really understand what it has brought us the next time we meet. And that doesn’t prevent us from continuing to work because it’s never enough.

“It’s the best match of my career, I will remember it for a long time”

The Georgians let their joy explode on the lawn of Cardiff against the upset Welsh.

The Georgians let their joy explode on the lawn of Cardiff against the upset Welsh.


Can this victory also serve as a message at least one year from the World Cup?

I do not know. Not yet, maybe. September is a long way off. But we will work to continue to show our strengths and still compete with the big teams. It will take more victories like these.

Georgia flies over the VI Nations B Tournament with 12 wins. The question of entering Tournament A arises regularly. Do you dream of one day participating?

Of course I would. Why not make a tournament of seven or eight nations, with Italy too. What is certain is that participating and playing every year against these great teams would be a great chance to continue to grow.

You are now back to training with the soundtrack. Have you heard of the potential departure of club leaders to Nice?

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