Bias. The adult tennis tournament has won all the votes

Canceled in 2021 following the health crisis, the annual adult tournament of the biassais tennis club has resumed service. Favored by a mild weather during the 18 days offered to the meetings, the 29th edition remains as a great vintage in the annals. At the time of the awards ceremony last Saturday in the presence of Simone Laporte, member of the 47 tennis committee, René Aït Chalal, municipal councilor and lifelong friend Lucien Rénier, President Frédéric Gerges expressed his satisfaction to the perfect unfolding of this event which brought together 121 registered players for 126 matches played. He thanked the licensed referee Mickaël Albert for the programming of the meetings and all the volunteers for the general organization. Without forgetting the neighboring clubs of Villeneuve, Sainte-Livrade, Pujols and Casseneuil who have kindly made their rooms or grounds available.

The female and male results

Among the women, the main draw saw the victory of Villeneuvoise Adèle Fournié, 15/1, ahead of Céline Degroote (Pont-du-Casse), 15. In +35 years, Carine Dupouy (Pujols), 15/4, l beat Alexandra Cote (Bias), 15/5. The 4th series smiled at the Biassaise Caroline Forget, 30/1, against Kamelia Bouimah (Sainte-Livrade), 30/1. And Raihana Bouimah (Sainte-Livrade), 30/4, won the consolation by triumphing over her Livrad teammate Laetitia Getto, 30/2. Let’s add that the longest match of the tournament was the prerogative of the ladies with a duration of 3h26.

On the men’s side, the main draw recorded a little surprise with the success of Villeneuvois Emile Fournié, 15/4, who had eliminated in the semi-final Gabriel Hahn (Sainte-Livrade), 4/6, ahead of Biassais Ludovic Renaudie, 4 /6, “A logical victory of the strongest”, according to the latter. In the 4th series, the winner is Hervé Houdin (Villeneuve), 30/3, against Trystan Zimmer (Villeneuve), 30/2. The consolation is removed by Nicolas Dinnoo (Bias), 30/2, in front of David Maurin (Bias), 30/1. Among the over 35s, Mickaël Albert (Bias), 15/1, beats Julien Getto (Sainte-Livrade), 15/1. The pot of friendship closed this high-flying tournament.

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