Billère bows on the smallest of margins at Frontignan (29-28)

Shortly before the first quarter of an hour, the two teams played side by side until 7 everywhere. And then, the BHB stood out little by little thanks mainly to the stops of Labro, who kept the locals at a distance (10-13, 21st), but also to the achievements of Vergely, De la Salud and Reig. Nevertheless, three minutes later, Guiraudeau, by signing a double in two minutes, allows the Frontignanais to come back afloat (14-14, 25th).

“Not as efficient”

After the break, Mesnard’s saves, combined with Oliveras’ best moment of the match, meant that BHB’s lead was gone and FTHB were back at par (18 all) after three minutes. But it was also at this time that the BHB machine went wrong.

“We weren’t as efficient anymore; they, on the other hand, managed to take over and I took too long to readjust the tactical plans,” Daniel Deherme admitted at the end of the match. But can we say that the damage was done? “Yes, Reig reacted hotly, because after this return from the FTHB, we did not return to the level which was ours in the first half. »

Thanks to a goal from Léon, the locals quickly moved forward to lead (24-20, 45th). Mengon brought his people back to parity (25-25, 53rd) but it was only a flash in the pan because in the last moments, those where a match switches to one camp or the other, the locals were more solid and snatched the success at the end of a thrilling match. The last but of captain Vergely (29-28) was there only for the score because the fate of the match was sealed recently, of course, but was no longer in doubt seen from the stands.

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