Blagnac. The rugby club will celebrate its centenary

On the occasion of the centenary of its creation, the rugby club is organizing a weekend of festivities on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 September. An event which has been prepared since last September, by a commission designed, comprising “a dozen boys and girls, representative of all the characteristics of the club as well as the friendly alumni”, confide Anthony Nougailhon and Bruno Delpech, two members of the structure. The program has been meticulously prepared, and promises great celebrations: “We expect to welcome 2,000 people in total, 500 on Friday evening, 500 on Saturday lunchtime and 1,000 on Saturday evening, with the match of the pennant team against Tarbes, at 6 p.m. Among them are very well-known names of emblematic players or coaches who have passed through the club, even if many of them have left us since the 90th anniversary celebrated in 2012, such as Jean Gabarre or Jaoumet. senior teams than hopefuls and girls, cadets or seniors”.

Meals, entertainment…

The festive side is well stocked, between the 3 meal formulas and the associated entertainment: “The meals are prepared by our usual partners, and the two veal on the spit are provided free of charge by the family of one of our BRF players On the entertainment side, between the fireworks and the gala evening in the village hall, guinguette atmosphere of the 20s of the previous century on Saturday lunchtime, and of course friendly meetings of the rugby school with partners, alumni and others Caouecs barbarians, everyone will be able to play and express themselves.As for the price, a minimum meal gives the right to the match against Tarbes, from 20 euros for the single Saturday lunchtime to 80 euros for the three meals, everyone will be able to find their account, members or not “. The club’s history will be presented through the museum and a special centenary book and for the new season the logos of the club’s three hallmarks (Blagnac rugby, Bscr and BRF) have been brought up to the centenary taste. Certainly a great event.

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