Bleus – Deschamps: ”No apprehension”

Media365 editorial staff, published on Monday, November 21, 2022 at 12:00 p.m.

Didier Deschamps was advised against Monday at the first pre-match press conference of the World Cup.

The France team attacks Tuesday evening in the World Cup by a duel against Australia. A highly anticipated meeting that the Blues approach with serenity. Despite all the headwinds experienced during the preparation phase, the defending champions are indeed sure of their strengths. This is what Didier Deschamps assured in particular during the pre-match press briefing.

“In front of Australia, we will be there”

“The group knows it for you. There are more experienced players than others. There is no apprehension. We have done everything to ensure that the group is at its best for this first match which is important but not decisive. It’s the very high level”, assured the coach. And as for the curse linked to the defending champions in this competition, DD ensures that it is not likely to destabilize his troops: “Each team has its own course. The main thing is to have a solid group on this objective. The truth is that of tomorrow against Australia. We will be there!”.

Deschamps wants to move forward despite headwinds

The Blues weren’t spared the worries but Deschamps isn’t let down. Above all, he wants to believe that his proteges will be able to face adversity: “Each team had its worries, with its injuries. You have to move forward. The players who are there are fully in relation to what awaits us. We know our opponents. I see you know Australia well, you didn’t ask me any questions about it (smiles).”

Lack of leaders? Deschamps doesn’t care

Last Saturday, France definitively lost Karim Benzema. In addition to a quality striker, he is a real leader that the Habs have seen return to the country. Can other players improvise as locker room bosses? Deschamps’ response: “Do you think it’s done like that? It happens over time… There are always senior players who are there. Leadership is not just in words. There are still enough players who are made to activate in the locker room, internally… It goes through an experience.”

“Mbappé is part of a collective”

Finally, Deschamps also indicated that Benzema’s package does not alter his tactical plans in any way: “There are several options. It’s not Karim’s absence that will change anything”. Kylian Mbappé is particularly expected to be the main offensive weapon of the Habs. His coach expects a lot from him, but he is careful not to put too much pressure on him: “He is still young. These four years have allowed him to progress further. He has no more responsibilities internally. Kylian is part of a collective and he needs it.”

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