Bodybuilding, walking lessons, tennis, volleyball… At Crès, sport is not lacking in talent

Midi Libre has decided to highlight the sportsmen and women of the thirty municipalities of the Metropolis. From October 17 and until December 13, you will find insights into this abundant universe which, all sports combined, brings together a very large number of followers. Some are looking for performance, others the pleasure of moving, but all have their place! Without, however, aiming for completeness.

Powerlifting: Force Occitane, a breeding ground for international champions

The Cressois club excels in a little-known discipline. And the instant results!

The Force Occitane association, created in 2018 by Stéphane Berrot, a former high-level athlete, surrounded by three members, including Romuald Massé, practices athletic strength. Powerlifting, also known as lifting poweris a strength sport, made up of three movements: leg bending (squat), bench press (Bench Press), pulverized with earth (deadlift), which differs from weightlifting, which has more basic movements and heavier loads.

Apart from the three movements, the bench press or the ground press alone are also disciplines.

From 2019, the excellent results of Romuald Massé, French and European champion then world champion, attract many athletes. They are now 110, of which 35% are women and 65% men.

Romuald Massé, the man and a half

Romuald Massé, 25, has been a member of the Force Occitane association since its creation in 2018. Coached by Stéphane Berrot, he is French Elite champion + 120 kg for the 5th consecutive year, with a total of the three movements of 900 kg, the highest French total ever achieved.

At the same time, he performed the biggest French squat with 350 kg. After the 2021 French and world championship, he was crowned French, European and… world champion in 2022, a last title obtained at the end of May in Kazakhstan in developed 257, 500 kg.

In 2023, he will aim for gold at the French championship in Toulon, at the European championship in Mérignac (August) and finally at the world championship which will take place in South Africa (June). The result of four strict training sessions per week.

In a family but studious atmosphere, the work bears fruit to arrive at a real breeding ground for champions, as the results show.

It is difficult to review the myriad of performances achieved and podiums obtained over the years by many athletes up to the international level.

Romuald Massé, Ludivine Delos and Julie Ribère at the top

But let’s mention all the same, in addition to the eloquent record of the essential Romuald Massé, the performances of Ludivine Delos in the junior category – 63 kg: French champion 2021 (with three discs), 3rd in the world championship in Istanbul in 2022 with a gold medal in the squat (180 kg).

Let us also quote Julie Ribère (-57 kg), crowned European university champion and 2nd in World Championship in Istanbul. The performances in the developed allow this young French hopeful to aim for a podium at the next world championship which will take place in South Africa.

The club also shines in training. Seven Staps trainees work under the leadership of Stéphane Berrot, federal coach. An activity and results which are worth to the cressois club to be retained to organize in Crès the championship of France Elite 2023, with 140 participants.

Before that, the Force Occitane was chosen to organize the departmental championship, on December 10 and 11. Stéphane Berrot assures us: “This sport is becoming more and more technical and professional, in particular with the use of video for the analysis of movements, with great respect for morphology and age.”

Archery: Hugo already lives for perfection

Hugo Mallié is in U15 / minimal this year.

Hugo Mallié is 12 years old and a perfectionist at heart. He discovered archery at the age of 7, but had to wait until he was 8 to join the club des archers cressois. Initiated during young meetings, and well surrounded by the members of the club, he very quickly reached milestones.

Hugo is county vice-champion and 8th recurve regional indoors in 2022. For his first outdoor French championship, he finished 29th in recurve on the international TAE.

This year, here he is in U15 / minimal. His two main objectives for 2023 are the regional recurve championship (February) and the French outdoor championship (July).

His 6 hours of training, including 4 hours a week with a BEES2 trainer (Howard Catherine), to whom he is very attached, should enable him to achieve his goals.

Running: Running at Crès, with long strides

At Run in Crès, the same pleasure animates them... running.

At Run in Crès, the same pleasure animates them… running.

Run in Crès, brings together a hundred adult members of all levels in the greatest conviviality. Trails, ultra-trails, marathons, ultra-marathons or leisure sports, the same pleasure drives them: running.

During the many regional races, club members frequently find themselves on the podium. Going beyond our municipal borders, its members proudly wear the colors of Crès like Odile Valéry, 1st female on the Trail des Ruffes or Olivier Valéry and Gilles Viriglio, at the Grand Trail des Templiers.

The clothing marathon of many members. The women are well represented there with Nathalie, Bénédicte, Isabelle, registered in the marathon of La Rochelle, while the men distinguished themselves in that of Paris and Barcelona.

A passion that leads these athletes to also participate in cross country: the women’s team was also departmental vice-champion in 2021.

Next meeting, December 4 for the Nature Marathon Manin Saint-Mathieu-de-Treviers.

Tennis: a TC trainer looking to the future

A group of young members of the Tennis-club cressois.

A group of young members of the Tennis-club cressois.

With more than 300 members and accelerated good health, the Cress Tennis Club, run by Laurent Causin, still sees its numbers progress despite a difficult economic situation. Conviviality, sharing and training are the main lines of the club. They support an ambitious sports policy.

Among the 115 young people, a dozen children followed “competition” lessons guided by the instructor, Frédéric Marchand. Matias Dangles (15/5 of 2009) and Amaury Fauvel (30/3 of 2011) are the spearheads and the latter has just won the TMC of Vendargues.

To better support them, the club will set up a scholarship to allow those most concerned to benefit from a global envelope of 50 hours of additional lessons. Among adults, including 80 women, around fifteen teams defend the colors of the club on weekends, including the senior men’s team 1, in the Regional Championship.

Next event, the Crazy cup on Sunday November 27, open to all. Contact: [email protected]

Volleyball: the small club a grandiose good

Ludivine (left) 3rd in the world championship, Romuald, world champion, Julie, vice-champion of the university world.

Ludivine (left) 3rd in the world championship, Romuald, world champion, Julie, vice-champion of the university world.

The small leisure volleyball club of Crès is a great asset. He owes it in particular to the Artigo family who, for twenty years, accompanied the accession of a club with ten teams and 520 licensees. Without forgetting its volleyball school and its baby volleyball section, open from the age of 3.

If the seniors have left the National 3 championship with the aim of remaining in the Prenational, the women are evolving in National 3 where they occupy 9th place in the pool with two wins and three losses.

Elected in 2019, the new president Corentin Vaillant is ambitious for the next seasons: “Our objective would be for the two senior teams to reach the National 2.”

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