brazil’s new provocation

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Yesterday, Neymar was at the heart of a controversy. Indeed, the Brazilian posted a photo on Instagram in which he added a sixth star to the national team crest. This was seen as a provocation by the PSG star, especially in Germany where the daily Image criticism. But Ney was defended by his teammate and friend Richarlison. “They are the arrogant ones. We are only dreamers. We have been dreaming of this sixth star for a long time and we are going to get it, whether they like it or not. Neymar posted (this photo) because it is also his dream. This journalist is an asshole.”he named in a press conference.

Like him, Raphinha also presented herself to the media. And the FC Barcelona player made a little secret that should still be talked about. “I’ll tell you the truth, we’ve already prepared ten dances. They are not player specific. One dance is for the first goal, another for the second, for the third… We have dances performed until the tenth goal. After ? We will have to innovate and do something. When the time is right, we will invent something.. A great confidence on the part of the Seleção who therefore see themselves piling up the goals and going very far in this World Cup.

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