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So far, the Brest Bretagne Handball pre-season is going well. However, it was not difficult to organize a less disrupted preparation than in 2021, when six executives had missed club preparation, because they were called up for selection for the Tokyo Olympics. Olympic champion on August 7, 2021, Pauline Coatanéa remembers a return to delicate training in Brest. “We didn’t have enough rest, only 15 days, and for me it was really difficult. I wasn’t ready to set new goals yet. »

Afterwards, the wing also measures the gap that then existed between the internationals and the rest of the group, which had an impact on the rest of the season. “The girls were waiting a lot for our return and couldn’t wait for us to come back, except that our minds were a bit elsewhere. A year later, Constance Mauny notes the difference with the current situation. “It was complicated, because each one was in a different atmosphere. For cohesion, it was not easy, whereas this year, we can create a real dynamic. »

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But it is also on the physical level that the Brest wing measures progress. “This time, everyone is in good shape at the same time, and we are starting on the same bases. ” Coatanéa confirms: “It’s completely different from last season, there, on the whole the same state of freshness and I felt a lot of desire and enthusiasm from the start”.

A period of collective preparation all the more important as seven new players have joined the workforce. Arriving in Brest this summer, Julie Foggea is one of them. And if she did not know the situation last summer, the goalkeeper sees teammates resourced. “We were really able to end the last season physically and mentally. The group is homogeneous and I feel ready for the big goals that are coming. “There is still a month left in Brest before the first official match to gain momentum, but Pablo Morel can already count on a team in good shape, and this is already a small victory.

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