CA Brive finds its rugby in Bugeat, in Haute-Corrèze

As traditionally, CA Brive completed its first pre-season stage in Bugeat, at the 1000 sources sports center in Haute-Corrèze. After a month of July almost essentially devoted to the physical, the four days were an opportunity for workshops, skills and even a little opposition: in short, to find the leather.

No paddleboarding, canoeing or even yoga like sometimes in the past.

No, the four days spent by CA Brive in Bugeat, for its first traditional pre-season stadium, were only paid for in rugby, and above all in play.

After a month of July dedicated mainly to physical and grounding, although for once with a little ball, and a week off, Jérémy Davidson’s players chained workshops and skills, rewarded Thursday afternoon by a small opposition.

And it took merit for them to bear it all under a stupefying dodger and on a lawn like a cutting and abrasive stubble.
The center of the 1000 springs looked like a real Gehenna this year!

But in the end, and on the side of the staff, and on the side of the players, we were satisfied with the quality of this scene and these training sessions, especially since no injuries came to disturb them.

A scene where Maxime Chalon, referee of Top 14, also came there to insist on a discipline which was so sorely lacking, especially outside, last year.

In the absence of six internationals, the group had been increased to 47 units, thanks to the young people of the club.
After the return of the first, it will be tightened to 40 during the second stage, scheduled in two weeks in Saint-Affrique in Aveyron.
A stage which will end, on August 19, with the first friendly match of this pre-season, against the English of Bristol. Then will come Racing in Terrasson on the 26th.

Resumption of the Top 14, at the Stadium, on September 3 against Lyon.

Behind the scenes, we were pleased with the excellent subscription campaign, which was already close to 5,000, an increase of nearly 40% compared to the same date last year.

And while Brive will remain the smallest budget of Top 14 this season, with 18 million euros, it was not excluded that new partners join the club.

To be continued in the coming months…

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