Cahors. A senior women’s rugby team is born

Former practitioners dreamed of it; the leaders did. Thus was born a senior women’s rugby team in the south of the Lot. Women’s Rugby Quercy is behind this project. Five clubs participated in the construction of this gathering: Cahors XV, the COC, the USL, the Valparès de Lalbenque and the RQF. The agreement was signed in mid-September by all the club presidents and the Occitanie league gave its agreement and ratified this project. A lot of work has been done to find leaders and volunteers. A commission has been created under the responsibility of Jean-Paul Monferrand, president of the RQF and a substantial budget planned with the participation of all the clubs.

Nicolas Cacéres will be the head coach, Nathalie Callés assistant field manager, Alain Corduant sports manager and Aurélien Callès assistant sports manager. A lot of recruitment work has been done since mid-August, which has made it possible to reach a group of around thirty players. Last Sunday, a first directed training meeting was organized in a friendly with the Trélissac club. The Lotoises behaved well, holding out on a team already experienced in this type of rugby union competition: score 15 to 5 for Trélissac in a friendly atmosphere. The group is building itself, learning to live together and above all to have fun. This creation is an event and the RQF is proud to have initiated it: a great adventure begins.

Training takes place every Tuesday from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the Croix de Fer stadium (with the cadets) and every Friday at the same times at the Lucien Desprat stadium.

Friday, September 23, will be organized a second meeting-training directed with the women of Gourdon. The group is well launched, in the preparation and running-in phase. The RQF cadets and their new coach Jérôme Lascoux are currently around thirty and also play at XV.

To join the RRQF, the only all-female club in the department, call 06 08 65 83 86 or 06 08 43 90 11. Mail: [email protected]

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