Carbon. Rugby: a lackluster start to the championship

This Sunday, the RCL (Rugby Carbonne Longages) received for the first day of the Regional Championship 2, Saint-Orens. Remarks that the last season Saint-Orens was in Honor Promotion while the RCL was in the 2nd series, two categories apart. This means that the match promises to be difficult for our “tigers”.

Reserve team. It was at 12 that the reserved teams would play. From the 1st minute, our players get to the heart of the matter and benefit from a penalty Jordan Ruiz scores the first 3 points. On a volley, Saint-Orens scores a first try 3 to 7. It is on a touch 10 meters from goal that Thomas Catelina will allow the RCL to score 8 to 7. Shortly before the break Jordan Ruiz increases the score 11 to 7. As soon as the resumption Saint-Orens seems to take the match within reach and manages a try and a one-on-one attempt 11 to 12 and 11 to 15. The game will liven up slightly but the RCL attack with ardor and the pack of forwards crossed Thomas Sablayrolles’ try in goal, Thomas Castet transformed 18 to 15. A successful defeat by Jordan Ruiz completed the RCL victory 21 to 15.

Team flag. The two teams do not observe an observation round and embark on the game obtained in turn from a penalty 3 to 0 then 3 to 3. But we feel that Saint-Orens takes the match on its own and then that the RCL attacks Saint-Orens intercepts the ball on the fly and leads it into the goal 3 to 10. Thomas Castet succeeds a penalty 6 10. Saint-Orens launches a burst in pieces and scores 6 to 17. On an attack classic Alan Lachuterie concluded, Thomas Castet Transforms 15 to 17.

As soon as the recovery Saint-Orens affirms its superiority by two penalties 15 to 20 then 15 to 23. The RCL rebels and after a series of peaks in go, Pierre Jean Péréa concludes 20 to 28; A new collective try allows Fred Suberviol to reduce the score from 25 to 28. Unfortunately, two successive tries from Saint-Orens cut all hope for the RCL to equalize with 25 to 33 then 25 to 40.

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