Carcassonne: this Saturday, September 24, the “Aude rugby perspective” event hopes to pass between the drops

At least 720 children are expected on the stadiums of the Mayrevieille plain, on the occasion of this event of the Departmental Rugby Committee marking the start of the season. This friendly meeting should also allow volunteer educators to learn about the latest rugby rules… but its outfit could be compromised in the event of rain.

Rugby is certainly a competitive sport, but it is first and foremost a party. On the strength of this principle, the Departmental Discipline Committee is organizing this Saturday, September 24, at the Mayrevieille plain, the event “Aude rugby perspective”. Clubs from all over Aude, 720 young players for exhibition matches (no competition) in three categories (- 8, – 10 and – 12 years old), an empty locker room to equip yourself with rugby without ruin… It’s time for the communion of the world of Ovalie, all set to music by the forty or so volunteers from the Carcassonne Rugby School. Yes, this party promises to be beautiful.

“The technical advisers of the committee will also be present in order to exchange with the educators of the clubs, all also volunteers, and to transmit to them the latest information in terms of rules and values”also indicates Jean-Pierre Basque, the president of the school. “What we call the ‘rugby digest'”. The Aude rugby perspective makes it possible, in short, to attack the season on a good basis… but on the eve of D-Day, the holding of the event is still uncertain. The fault with the rain is announced for the day of Saturday, whose organizers are unaware of the duration and the density. “We will notify this Saturday morning at 7 a.m., depending on the weather situation”, warns Jean-Pierre Basque. All Aude rugby has its fingers crossed: if the skies are good, the invigorating sessions will start from 10 a.m.

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