Carmaux. Tarn hopefuls shine at the Tennis Grand Prix

The 2022 edition of the Tarn Grand Prix of tennis took place from July 7 to 23, on the grounds of the Tower. It remained marked by the rise in power of Tarn hopes. Fannie Estival, 20, ranked 4/6, and Timéo Bretin, 15, ranked 2/6, failed on the penultimate step of the tournament, remarkable performances! The Ruthenian Elsa Stepien (5/6) wins the trophy for girls and the Argentinian Francesco Vasquez (1/6), for boys. The large audience was not disappointed. The Tarnais fought well, congratulations to them. Among the locals, note the performance of Christel Viala in the 4th series with 4 consecutive victories in the Open table. Christel deserves congratulations also for her assiduous participation with the club’s women’s team. Guillaume Meillac wins the 4th series table, after having failed in the Tarn championship. It’s a nice revenge. The Sequester distinguished itself with Benjamin Rigal in the 3rd series and Bénédict Elias in + 45 years. Finally the local Caroline Soulié of the ASPTT wins the 3rd ladies series. In 35 years, Dominique Laurens of Onet le Château won the title after a superb encounter against the Parisian Cédric Brunel. This Grand Prix du Tarn, led by the Departmental Tennis Committee, kept its promises with a good progression of registrants from 38 different clubs, Tarn, Aveyron, but also the Paris region. A novelty this year with the presence of several players from Reunion Island. The president thanks all the participants as well as the volunteers and the referee Steven Mazzela.

Open checkers: Chloe Dubois, CT Combs-la-Ville; Typhaine Calderon, Carmaux. Open Gentlemen: Allan Willmot Gaillac; Cedric Marty, Lescure. + 35 years: Dominique Laurens, Onet-le-Chateau; Cédric Bunel, Saint Mandé. +45 years: Benoît Ellias The Receiver; Eric Seriesys, Carmaux. +55 years: Florent Chard, Castres; Jean-Marc Guibaud, Mazamet. 4th series: Christel Viala, Carmaux; Florence Gauvrit, Lavaur. 3rd series: Caroline Soulié, ASPTT Albi. Open : Elsa Stepien, Rodez; Fannie Estivals, CAW; Franco Vasquez, Argentinian; Theo Bretin, Puygouzon. 17-18 years old: Léonie Trouche, Naucelle; Coline Klaine, TC Courbevoie; Anthony Dixmerias, TC of St Paul’s Bay; Emile Baulez, Naucelle. 13-14 years old: Noan Boulet, USSPA; Illie Strauss, Gaillac.

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