Carmaux. USC rugby: the president’s update

On behalf of the first day of the Regional Championship 2, ex-promotion honor, team 1 won 13 to 12, in Tarn-et-Garonne, in Monclar, by registering a converted try and two penalized.

Incidents marred the meeting which was stopped at the end of the first half (read our edition of this Thursday, September 22). The president of the Union sportive carmausine rugby Elodie Durand-Quintard wishes to clarify: “The match took place in a very good state of mind and without clashes. In the 40th minute, following a high tackle from number 7 of Monclar on our scrum half thrown on the ground, a pillar of Carmaux came to defend his number 9 by saying to him You take it out on me, but you don’t touch the kid. The referee gave a yellow card to the Monclar player who, refusing to leave, attacked him while shouting. The referee then gives him a red card. Half-time is whistled and the players return to the locker room. It was then that the security manager and president of Monclar entered the field and approached the referee who fell to the ground, following a whim. An hour later, a Monclar manager indicated that racist remarks had been made by one of our players. I would like to point out that this is presently false. The Carmaux club has players of all origins and is the reflection of a multicultural city and its history, linked to Jean Jaur├Ęs and the miners.”

Team 2 lost 34-8 to their Monclar counterpart. Next Sunday, Carmaux will receive the Aveyronnais of Viviez.

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