Case Swain/Tupaea: Should unsportsmanlike fouls be added to rugby?

ALL BLACK. Outrage among supporters after the heartbreaking news about TupaeaThe All Black injury quinn Tupaea during the match between New Zealand and Australia caused many reactions. Some felt that the Wallabie Darcy Swain should have been more severely sanctioned by the disciplinary committee. As a reminder, Australia received a six-week suspension when the New Zealander will be out of action for nine months. He will have to have surgery. Mucking Swain could very well have ended the career of Quinn Tupaea. During the meeting, the second line had received only a simple yellow card. For the Disciplinary Committee, his gesture deserved a red. The Blacks had a specificity but they had not taken the points. Instead, they had chosen the touch, the ball carried, but could not convert this action into a point. Samisoni Taukeiaho will score just after the Lemons, but it’s safe to say the Aussies did well.RUGBY.  Misunderstanding after the suspension of Darcy Swain for his despicable gesture on TupaeaRUGBY. Misunderstanding after the suspension of Darcy Swain for his despicable gesture on TupaeaBut imagine for a moment that World Rugby introduces the unsportsmanlike foul, or flagrant foul, as is the case at the basket. For those who don’t know what we’re talking about here, know that a “flagrant foul is a contact, which is considered to endanger the physical integrity of the opponent“, according to the definition that can be found online. We can think that it applies perfectly to the case we are talking about here. Swain having endangered Tupaea’s physical integrity by aiming at her legs. Of course, the World Rugby regulations provide for this type of case. A concession will be granted and a card can be taken out. But there is no guarantee that points will be scored. Especially if the fault takes place far from the poles. We also see more and more teams reduced to 14 after a caution managing the numerical inferiority without being penalized on the scoreboard.

Or, in the basket, the team victim of the fault of two free throws. Which frequently ensures two points, regardless of the place of the fault. And that’s not all, since possession of the ball also goes to this same team. Without forgetting that at the second flagrant fault of the same player, it is the expulsion as if he had received two crackers. One could imagine that in the event of a flagrant fault in rugby, the team victim of the fault is entitled to a breakdown on the line of 22 meters, guaranteeing at least three points. And that she keeps possession by leaving on a touch or a scrum on the center line. However, it is not the closest thing to the basket where it is a throw-in and not a jump ball. A throw-in like in rugby 7 in the middle of the field, with two big sides to attack, could be an option. No doubt that would calm some players down.

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