Castera-Verduzan. Training days for the football school

the essential
During the holidays, the FCCV organized training days for young people from the club, but also from the agreement with Vic.

These vacation days were busy for the children who were able to work on individual and collective techniques, each bordered by a tournament on the synthetic field. Good attendance during the 4 days demonstrates the interest shown by the children but also by the parents, showing confidence in the club’s educators, also helped by Vicois educators. A qualified and attentive supervision which also allows the children to progress.

Each day, an approach is implemented as part of the Federal Educational Program set up by the French Football Federation for club schools. For U 6 and U 7, the topics were focused on health, “I’m on the attack with my bag”, but also the environment, “Water is a treasure”, and refereeing, “the round arbitration”. For the U 11 and U 13, on the health side the idea was to “keep the water line”, while for the citizen engagement component, we worked on “an ideal world and football culture”, the club’s slogan. For the U 15 and U 17, the theme of fair play was mentioned, “the duel of elegance”, like the environment and, for civic engagement: “getting involved in the life of my club” .

Get involved in your club

For this last subject, it was proposed to the children to set up a project for next spring in order to show them the life of a club; of course they will be guided according to their proposals. Volunteers provided catering during these two days with an average of thirty daily meals. We must thank them because, if they remain in the shadows, they do a huge job to keep this club alive, functioning at its best, and to give it an important dynamic. During all school holidays, training days are offered. Notice to potential supporters…

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