Castillon will defend his first place in Lormont

Undefeated at home

It will start with the poster of the day in this hen 7 with a trip to Lormont Hauts de Garonne. The Lormontais missed the rise in Federal 1 last season by a bit. This year, they have played a lot outside (five times, against three for Castillon) knowing various fortunes but above all three criminal defeats, the last of which in the derby of the metropolis against Mérignac (27-16). At home, Lormont remains undefeated and intends to remain so against Castillon to get closer to his opponent because only Tours separates them.

Castillonnais coach Valery Bouscasse is delighted to meet a club he has known only as a spectator: “For us, there is only one derby, it’s the match against Sainte-Foy-la-Grande . In Bordeaux, there are too many clubs to have this notion. I have respect for this club that we looked at when we played in PH and they in Federal 1. We looked at their training, the link with the schoolchildren. Sunday, we will have respect but above all the desire to play, to score tries. You don’t have to watch them play. What you have to see is that we are in the same pool, each with our strengths and weaknesses. You have to have the ambition to achieve a result. »

For ten days, the group has been working in the rain and on heavy ground to continue to exploit their movement game. “It’s less easy but you have to prepare for it. Normally the Lormont pitch is good, that should help us,” finished the coach.

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