Castillon will pass a good test

The Castillonnais forwards coach, Valéry Bouscasse, attends another performance of his group under penalty of being eaten by the visitors: “In Mérignac, we were not at the level with a commitment that was too weak for 65 minutes. We need to play faster, pass better, basically raise our general level of play. You have to be an actor, not a spectator, especially in rugby, otherwise you take hits. »

Turns as a stallion

The opponent who comes to Castillon is of a higher level than RC Baulois who came on September 11 and will be interesting to watch on the field. Bouscasse is aware of this, and is eager to rub shoulders with a club that has made 30 arrivals in the off-season between recruits and club returns.

Tours announces that it is maintaining as a goal, but has put the means to really exist in this championship. However, the coach indicates that he is aiming for victory: “Clearly, we are going to be aligned with a real Federal 2 team, but we are not going to close the game and above all think about winning. »

In possession of Gabriel Bouscasse, the group’s top scorer, in his team, Castillon will seek to shake up the Tourangeaux by scoring tries. A good crowd is expected at the stadium this Sunday for an unprecedented poster.

The game

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