Castillonnes. The mini-golf performed and presentation of the future of the agricultural museum

Under a blazing sun on a scorching July afternoon, the population of Sérignac-Péboudou and the neighboring towns were invited to the inauguration of the mini-golf course and related facilities created by Philippe Maspeyre, on a vast rural area, route de Prades.

Alongside Danielle Dhélias, departmental councilor and neighboring local elected officials, Guy Peyrat, mayor of the town paid tribute to Philippe Maspeyre, for the achievement he has made, day after day, year after year and which allows everyone to realize all the qualities of a brilliant handyman invested in this achievement. But Guy Peyrat also pays tribute to the human qualities of Philippe Maspeyre, because if you ask him the reasons, the motives for such an investment, the answer is always the same: “Because I love my village and I would like will be able to find places in the town for the benefit of the inhabitants of Sérignac and their neighbours”;

A real agricultural museum

During Guy Peyrat’s speech, the gaze of the guests is obviously drawn to the playful installations which invite families to lively parties, but everyone can also discover the outline of a museum of agricultural machinery used more than a century ago. century and which will see the light of day soon. Philippe Maspeyre intends to call on the memories of the oldest to manufacture and operate old games that animated our villages. Outdoor and garden games will return one day to Sérignac-Péboudou where you can go for vibrant games of croquet, bowling, ramp, jokari, archery or giant mikado.

The historical dimension of the project appealed to the highest point the first magistrate of the town convinced that these facilities will appeal to a wide audience beyond the borders of its territory. Guy Peyrat, who has been following the development of the project for a long time, remains dreamy about the metamorphosis of objects or tools discovered in a heap of scrap metal and does not hesitate to compare Philippe Maspeyre to this illustrious postman who brought back a few stones every day for build imaginary palaces that are the pride of his village today. Guy Peyrat is obviously the famous horse factor and his ideal palate.

The applause of the public paid tribute to the realization of this magnificent mini-golf course and encouraged Philippe Maspeyre for the future achievements that visitors will enjoy discovering with their families.

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