Claix: The Tennis club wants more staff

The activity report was quickly traced, since in the absence of volunteers, activities such as the clothing exchange, associative meals and others, were abandoned. Ditto on the sports record side, because for lack of manpower (only 13 players holding the FFT card), the club cannot hire a team in competition. The tennis school and the training courses suffered the same disappointments explained by the absence of a professional educator. The financial report drawn up by Anne-Sophie Rondeau shows a positive balance for the year 2022 of €88. No change in the price of annual FFT licenses which remains at the price of €50 per adult and €35/young person, for Claix players. For licensees in another club, the price is set at €40/adult and €20/young person. The club offers leisure tennis and gatherings for the coming season, in order to maintain and increase conviviality. All volunteers wanting to join the office or register as a player will be welcome, specify a president who wants to be optimistic, at the level of the positive evolution of the club.

Office. President Yann Dauge, secretary Alain Thinon and treasurer Anne-Sophie Rondeau. Information or registration: 06 23 87 34 85 or 07 82 58 96 89.

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