Coline Roy, the pastry queen of the Basque Coast

“I’m happy that Mickaël (Moreno) gave me my chance so soon,” she confesses. In difficulty in shooting (one goal from four shots), the Girondin player did not find herself “very efficient. In addition, I have a little hole in defense. I hope he takes me back. In any case, I will work accordingly. »

Extended days

In addition to the training load, Coline Roy, holder of a CAP pastry chef and student of a CAP chocolatier, must also ensure each early morning. Alternately at Noisette, in Biarritz, his extended days begin around 4 a.m. and end around 10 p.m., just after the session led by Mickaël Moreno.

“It’s not a common rhythm,” she smiles. I’m young, it’s time to take advantage of all this energy. Mentally and physically it’s not always easy but I try to be careful and listen to my body. My entourage alarms me when I do a little too much. “Last Saturday, a few hours before the meeting against the Miossaises, the neo-Labourdine – who goes to class one week a month at the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Bayonne – worked, from dawn, in the lab of his business. “I managed my nap time before joining the girls so as not to be in the coal tar when I arrived. I also paid attention to the warm-ups. »

Trained in the Médoc, her region of origin, Coline Roy – who benefited from “great physical abilities such as relaxation, explosiveness and speed” according to her coach – joined Pessac after a hook by Lège-Cap-Ferret . A member of the reserve who was playing in N3, she could well challenge the pennant team this Saturday. The icing on the cake ?

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