Condom. Tennis: a successful tournament despite the hot weather

Despite the raging heat wave, 209 participants were in the running for the first tournament of the “Terres d’Armagnac” circuit, created three years ago and bringing together three organizing clubs (Condom, Eauze, Nogaro/Le Houga). The Condolois tournament always brought international players, as every year, the Argentines, clay court amateurs, were there. This year, it should be noted that the club’s clay court suffered a lot from the high temperatures, becoming hard and thus completely changing the style of play. This makes the practice of tennis all the more specific. However, the players adapted their style of play and the spectators saw matches different from those expected on clay. These were played either in the morning or in the evening to avoid the hottest hours.

In the end, the tournament was a success both in terms of the conviviality and the quality of the matches. Sunday evening, the award ceremony, received many prizes thanks to the remuneration of institutional and private partners, took place in the presence of Lionel Beyries, representing the mayor of Condom.

Tournament results:

Ladies: Danièle Gonzalez of TC Cugnaux beats 6/3 – 6/3 Emma Lou Pommiers of TC Séméac.

Men: Lautarau Pané of TC Fronsacais wins 6/1 – 6/0 against Julien Dando of TC Nogaro/Le Houga.

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