CREUSOT VACANCES JEUNES: Tennis is a strong match

The 13 children divided into two groups on the courts of the Jean Garnier complex were very hot throughout the week. Suffice to say that the breaks of freshness dictated by the animators are welcome. Cap, glasses and sunscreen are really not too much! But no matter, the young tennis players and their parents are delighted with the atmosphere that reigns on and around the courts.

Mrs and Mr Gentile and their daughter Océane

“We are from Haute-Saône and passing through during the day. We took the opportunity to see our nephews who are doing the tennis course. Alban and Quentin are 6 and 9 years old, they are on vacation with their grandmother. Creusot Vacances Jeunes is a very good initiative. The children are busy, they can discover other disciplines. Our girls do manual activities like scrapbooking. And the prices are quite affordable. »

Elizabeth Cloix

“We are from Lyon and on vacation for a week with my parents in Saint-Sernin. The boys, Charly and Jules, 9 and 11, also play tennis in Lyon. With CVJ, they had already done bike rides. They are very well supervised by young and friendly leaders. And the prices are quite fair. »

Alban Tonnaire

“I am 8 years old and I live in Exincourt in the Doubs. I’m on vacation for two weeks at Mom’s. This is the first and I’m doing the tennis camp. In the afternoon I play at home because it’s too hot. At home, I swim and play basketball. The tennis animator is called Theo, he is brilliant and he explains things to us well. »

Leon of Paris

“I’m six years old and I’m on vacation with Mamou Papou. I have been playing tennis for a long time, about 4 years. I also swim in my grandparents’ pool. Otherwise, I also ride a bike, a little scooter and skateboard, my favorite. I am also an optimist and I am very good at skiing. »
An accomplished sportsman, this Léon!


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