Crypto and sports: Golf behemoth launches NFT platform for fans

A tour in the web3 – Enthusiasts of Golf soon be able to acquire digital collectibles relating to their favorite sport, thanks to a new NFT-platform.

Golf and NFT: a future platform signed PGA Tour and Autograph

Will the PGA Tour perform a Hole in One on the web3 green? The organization has announced that it will launch with Autograph in 2023, its NFT platform of digital golf-related collectibles. The PGA Tour is one of the main organizers of men’s professional golf tournaments, while Autograph is an NFT platform created in June 2021, which has specializing in sports memorabilia.

Autograph was co-founded by American football player Tom Brady. Tiger Woods has a seat on its board of directors. The iconic golfer who held favorable proposals for this new PGA Tour project, stressed that improving the ” world of golf with NFT will create a connection between us, the players, and the fans “.

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Golf-related digital collectibles and exclusive experiences

The PGA Tour’s NFT platform will display competition-related video, data, images, and other digital assets. It will allow enthusiasts to havedigital collectibles linked to top golfers, their favorite moments from past tournaments and during the current FedExCup season.

Source: Autograph YouTube Video

This NFT platform will also serve collectors of earn rewardsat the stage of access to exclusive physical or digital experiences.

The PGA Tour in the web3: NFTs with Autograph and a French unicorn

The PGA Tour is thus strengthening its presence in the web3, with the launch of its future NFT platform. In April of this year, he had already selected Autograph for the strike in NFT Tour highlights, photos and licensed data.

The organization also chose to partner with the French NFT platform Sorarewhich specializes in digital trading cards in the field of sports.

Much of the future of sports is written in NFTs, and vice versa. The PGA Tour is bringing golf clubs and balls to the web3. Earlier this year, LinksDAO had launched a collection of 9,090 NFTs in the form golf club membership cards.

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