Daniil Medvedev: “Tennis is not just about Grand Slams”

Before entering the Moselle Open, Daniil Medvedev spoke to the press. The opportunity for the former world number 1 to take the temperature in a tournament he is discovering, and which he will try to win.

Daniil, what is your first impression here in Metz?

I arrived yesterday and it’s my first time here, I didn’t know this city. The first one that struck me was the cathedral. I do not know its name at the moment but I was told that it seems that it is one of the most beautiful in France. And it shows ! I trained today, and I will go out a bit to see the city center, but otherwise everything is fine. I feel like it’s a good tournament here.

After losing at the US Open, there were several scenarios, and we wondered who was going to succeed you at the top of the ATP rankings. Did you follow the end of the tournament, and what do you think of the advent of Carlos Alcaraz?

In reality, I followed but without following. I watch the live scores but without asking to watch the matches. I sometimes saw the tie-breaks, but in any case I find it great that they played the final with the objective of the world number 1 position. It’s a beautiful poster, which reminds us that in addition to the tournaments, there is also the ranking! And for Carlos, he is the youngest number 1 in history, and it is very strong to beat this record. He plays very well, and he managed to win the US Open, I’m really happy for him.

Did the break between the Majorca and Cabo San Lucas tournaments allow you to work on some physical and tennis aspects?

I find that compared to when you were 20 or 21, it’s much more difficult – when you start to climb – to work on something specific. Because yes, I know how to do everything, even if I can be less good sometimes in certain aspects of the game. But it is not always easy to work on specific points, and to find things to improve. And it also did me good to strengthen myself physically. It limits injuries. After the US Open, we also trained well to see what we could do better. I would like to try to have this motivation all my life to be constantly in search of the best.

Photo credit: Icon Sport and Lucas Desangles / Let’s Go Metz

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