Daumazan-sur-Arize. Rugby: VAL XV got off to a good start

Sunday, in front of a large assembly, and after a delicious meal between supporters, the sun was invited for the launch of the VAL XV season. The team was opposed to Trie-sur-Baïse as in the opener of the previous season.

The presidents and the staff, headed by Jérôme Boucheron, were curious to see this rejuvenated team of friends at work, who took training seriously during the preparation.

And this new team delighted the crowd. A first half with play, play, play… 28 – 17, with four well-crafted tries (Valentin Clanet, Jérémy Vincent, Maxime Pinson, Dimitri Cazaurang, and four transformations from Benjamin Icard), after forward variations -3/4.

The second half was different. A yellow card, and Trie-sur-Baïse gets his hands on the ball. The Valquinziens “spin there”, in defense for 40 minutes, do not win two meters from the opponents. “This half-time was important. It lays the foundations, and will allow us to continue to work in depth,” said Jérôme Boucheron. End of the match: 28 – 17.

Note that team B continues on the same basis as last year: victory and bonus. A team rejuvenated by six ex-juniors, a first line of 20 years of average age, which landed there, and which showed Fabien Dumas that he could count on them.

This Sunday, September 25, the VAL XV, moves to the Coteaux de l’Arrêt.

A supporter bus is planned.

Registration on: 05 61 69 80 84.

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