DearBBall, basketball according to your mood

Are you looking to dress like NBA players, with originality, are you looking for a quality gift around the orange ball? Today, we invite you to discover a French brand, whose products clash to such an extent that they made us want to devote an article to them: we present to you DearBBall.

Between t shirts shifted in the heritage of the brands of street clothing, shorts to original designs, worthy of being worn by NBA teams, we tell you to know a little more. So, DearBBall, who is it? What’s this ? And why be tempted?

A brand that helps you express yourself

You know the idea that a garment is the affirmation of its identity? Well it is to all those who wish to combine this desire to be themselves and to affirm their passion for basketball that DearBBall wishes to speak.

With their Tee-shirtstheir shorts, sweats hooded, jogging and overall their collections, they allow you to create the style that suits the situation.

lovers of 90’s, fans of current players or a nickname, everyone can find something to express themselves. An idea that its founders express as follows:

Being able to share his passion on any occasion, anywhere, anytime. Whether in everyday life, at work, in the office, in the evening or in training, it is now possible to share your passion for the orange ball, to be proud to be a ballerina.

An example that sums up these two strong commitments: Tony Parker who wears his “LEADER” t-shirt when he is French champion with ASVEL or during a big evening of stars (Beckham, Jordan, Lewis Hamilton, etc.) in Miami. In a super party infatuationson T-shirt allows him to express himself and show his self-confidence (LEADER) and to show his attachment to basketball, even in the middle of the evening.

Because yes, if many fans succumb to this brand founded 3 years ago, this is also the case for players: Tony Parker, Jamal Murray, Bam Adebayo, Gabby Williams, and journalists: Mary Patrux, First Team, Rémi Reverchon,… If they all fall for DearBBall’s products, it’s because the brand successfully represents the spirit ” ballerinas ».

When Florent created the brand 3 years ago, he himself was struggling to find clothes that would allow him to express his passion for the orange ball, by combining quality and originality. That’s how DearBBall was born, and that’s how they conquered France, but also the United States: a sublime hunting board that is only expanding.

An addictive collection

As you will understand, Tee-shirts “Poole Party”, in homage to the nickname of Jordan Poole, “LEADER”, for the great moments of Tony Parker, “FUN GUY” in homage this time to Kawhi Leonard, etc, etc, it is this range that seduced a large number of ballet flats. However, their productions do not stop there, far from it.

Whether you are in homage with a “Mamba”, in nostalgia with a “The Answer” or wishing to affirm your love for Carmelo Anthony against all odds with a “StayMelo”, you have something to fulfill all your desires. .

However, on a personal level, these are the shorts who provided my attention and in particular their MESH shorts. Last year, in the middle of the Playoffs, I discovered their limited editions. The models have designs worthy of shorts NBA (best?!), they are available for the duration or for limited periods. If the purchase tickled me throughout the summer, I finally gave in a few weeks ago when I discovered a collection dedicated to the return of Jamal Murray. Those were the first designs granted to the Denver Nuggets (I’ll let you look at my bio to figure it out), which eventually made me give in. But then, how are these collections created, and in particular these limited editions?

Florent’s response:

The choice of limited editions is made through different means:

  • Our personal desires, because we are above all NBA fans
  • According to the current context: hype of a player, to the feeling according to the potential potential of a player
  • According to the recurring requests of our community
  • And now, according to a principle of co-creation, we provide questionnaires on our shop where customers can choose and register for new products.
  • Finally, according to requests from players: Jamal Murray asked us for a collection for his return, we made limited editions to celebrate his come back.

In fact, it gives inspired products, in large quantities, of which here is a meager (but which I really liked) sample, with two short films attributed to the Dallas Mavericks by Luka Doncic, one of the creations made at Jamal’s request Murray, or finally, one of the short films made for Ja Morant’s Memphis Grizzlies:

And if you want to go even further, in addition to t shirts, shortspants, sweatdresses you can find your happiness on the accessories side: masks, hats, phone cases, bananas, water bottles, etc…

The final word

DearBBall may have expanded very quickly, but it’s a French brand just starting out.

It’s a small team (all the designs are made by one person: Daniel, we congratulate you), whose life naturally revolves around the project. So don’t hesitate to support them. And since they speak better than us, I asked them in a few words, to tell us why buy from DearBBall :

Choosing to buy from DearBBall means being able to show your passion at every opportunity, being proud to be a ballerina and it’s being able to express your personality. Behind every word on our models are deeper values ​​that we share with our favorite players. It’s a way to represent them. Wearing DBB also means being proud of yourself and what you are, of the values ​​that are dear to us (see the collection Black Lives Matter, the Pink October collection where we collected testimonials from women who had conquered Cancer). Finally, it means being part of a community that brings together the best players in the world and the biggest fans of this sport. Only true connoisseurs of basketball culture accept all the details of our creations.

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