Death of Emiliano Sala: the disturbing voice message left by the pilot of the plane before takeoff

The content of a voice note sent by the pilot of the plane which transported the player Emiliano Sala, who died in the plane crash, was revealed in a BBC podcast.

A device in a worrying state. The condition of the plane in which Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala died, which crashed in the English Channel in early 2019, had worried its pilot before takeoff, who described him as “dangerous” in a voicemail message left for a friend.

Pilot David Ibbotson, 59, had been assigned to transport the 28-year-old from Cardiff, where he had just been transferred for 17 million euros, to Nantes, so that he could say goodbye to his former teammates. FC Nantes, then to bring it back to Cardiff.

Dangerous plane and life jacket

In a voice message left with a pilot friend, which the BBC obtained and broadcast in a podcast distributed on the case, Mr Ibbotson expressed doubts about the safety of the aircraft, after the outward flight between Cardiff and Nantes. “I went to look for a footballer in Cardiff (…) They gave me the task of picking it up from a dangerous (plane)”had referred Mr. Ibbotson to his friend Kevin Jones the day before the accident.

“Usually I have my life jacket between the seats, but tomorrow I’ll (it) wear it, that’s for sure”. More worryingly, Mr. Ibbotson, who was actually not qualified to fly the aircraft, explains hearing “a detonation” in the plane in mid-flighton this outward journey.

BBC has released the audio of a flight from the pilot of the plane in which Emiliano Sala flew and the fatal accident

In the conversation, David Ibbotson advised of los problems del avió


“I was flying and then ‘boom’he told his friend. “I was like, ‘What’s wrong?’ So I checked my settings, everything was fine and it was still flying, but it got my attention.”

“This plane must return to the hangar”, concluded the pilot, after realizing that the left brake pedal was not working when he landed at Nantes Atlantique.

The organizer of the theft condemned

According to the British Air Accidents Investigation Bureau’s final report, published in March 2020, the pilot, whose body was never found, was “probably” poisoned with carbon monoxide by the air conditioning system. engine exhaust.

He would have lost control of the aircraft during a maneuver carried out at too high a speed before the plane crashed into the sea at a speed of 270 miles per hour (435 km/h), leaving no hope of to survive.

The body of the player, whose disappearance had moved the world of football, had found it in the carcass of the device more than two weeks after the accident, 67 meters deep. David Henderson, 67, who had organized the flight, was sentenced in November 2021 to 18 months in prison for hiring a pilot he knew was unqualified and transporting a passenger without valid authorization.

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