Denis Charvet: “The proof that rugby has remained the same”

“Guardian of the temple” as he likes to say, denis charvet embarked on this american adventure with a free and complicit group that he loves deeply. And how he recognizes himself.

Does the film offer a good representation of what the band really is?
Absolutely, the images perfectly illustrate the strength that this group exudes. The intensity of the experience and the emotions known with these boys in such a short time, it is quite inexplicable. The chemistry in the groups is never easy, even if with the Barbarians we have always been surprised. But there was something stronger.

You were sent very close to them…
What strikes me is that the generations pass and I still recognize myself as much in what the guys send back. They do not change in nature, ever. This is proof that rugby, despite the professionalism, despite everything that can be said, has not changed. Time passes, the sport itself applies yes, but the men are the same.

On the occasion of the presentation of the captain’s jersey for Romain Sazy, you seem touched.
He’s an exceptional guy, with a lot of humility, generosity and attention. Romain is a formidable leader, he has a real speech. He touches me with his simplicity and that’s why in the film, I tell him that for me “he’s the most Baa-Baas of the Barbarians”.

Are there any moments that particularly marked you?
Mathieu’s speech (Acébès, Editor’s note) at halftime. It sums it all up perfectly. The week we spent, the reminder of the identity of the Barbarians, then the place, a locker room at half-time. I found that strong yes. Afterwards, we see it in images at the end, but the exit of François (Trinh-Duc) and Louis (Picamoles), it’s super intense too. I had hoped that they would come and stop like that, together, humbly in a small stadium, detached from the world. For me, we are in the truth, in the very essence of rugby, a state that brings us back to childhood.

You will now face Fiji in Lille in November. Is there a player you checked off your list?
Matthew Bastareaud. If he resumes the season, he will come with us and he will be number 8 and captain. It’s almost fantasy but it would be a great wink. He’s a real Baa-Baas, I’m going to do everything to make sure he’s there.

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