Did Donald Trump bury his ex-wife Ivana on his golf club… to avoid taxes?

A funeral… and ulterior motives? After the untimely death of his 73-year-old ex-wife, Ivana Trump, on Thursday July 14, Donald Trump decided to have her buried at his golf club in New Jersey.

Photos revealed by the “New York Post” last Thursday show a lone grave at the edge of a field shrouded in yellow grass, a bouquet of white flowers on the freshly turned earth and a tombstone – engraved with the word “ IVANA TRUMP, February 20, 1949 – July 14, 2022 “.

The sequel after the ad

The location chosen by Donald Trump for the resting place of his first wife is curious to say the least, and is causing controversy across the Atlantic. Why a golf club?

An Eternal Golf Club Membership

There is no indication that Ivana Trump had any particular attachment to the Trump National Golf Club. Indeed, the former president of the United States had bought the property in 2002, ten years after their divorce. Although the two remained on good terms, his ex-wife had never publicly praised the club.

Donald Trump, a man down? Not so fast…

It’s a whole different story for Donald Trump. In 2007, he announced that he wanted to make a chapel on site and convert it into a mausoleum for his family. But the project died in the bud, deemed extravagant by the town of Bedminster.

Five years later, it is a cemetery with more than 1,000 graves – including his own – that Donald Trump wants to insert into his property. The privilege of being buried at his side would then be granted to anyone who obtains an eternal membership in his golf club, according to information obtained by the “Washington Post”.

The sequel after the ad

In 2014, the Trump Organization finally filed paperwork to build two cemeteries in Bedminster. One would feature 284 lots for sale to the public, while the other would only include ten plots for Trump and his family.

According to documents filed by the Trump company with the state, Donald Trump has “ask chosen this property for his final resting place, as it is his favorite property”.

New Jersey Cemeteries and Tax Optimization

It’s hard to say whether the golf club is Donald Trump’s favorite property for the beauty and extent of its greenery… or for its great potential for tax optimization.

Under New Jersey state tax laws, land used as a cemetery enjoys tax exemptions, and the presence of a single grave would be sufficient to justify these benefits.

The sequel after the ad

According to “Insider”, any land used as a cemetery in New Jersey is exempt from paying property taxes, rates and assessments or taxes on personal property on their land, as well as business taxes, sales taxes, income tax and inheritance tax.

Could it be a coincidence? Trump’s history with the US tax authorities is cause for skepticism. In 2019, an extensive civil investigation by the New York prosecutor was conducted against the Trump Organization family group. She accuses the former US president and two of his children of practices “fraudulent” in tax matters.

Assault on the Capitol: the moment of truth… for half of America

A year later, the “New York Times” publishes an investigation into the finances of the former American president and portrays a businessman who earns hundreds of millions of dollars a year, but who accumulates chronic losses – used used to avoid paying taxes.

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