Didier Deschamps remains firm on Olivier Giroud

So far, there is no apparent turnaround. Asked about Olivier Giroud this Wednesday, on the eve of France-Denmark, Didier Deschamps did not seem particularly moved by the player’s foot calls, direct or indirect, promising that he could be an exemplary substitute during the World Cup .

“There were other players that I didn’t take in relation to their status, and that made less noise”

“I don’t know what he’s telling you, ultimately it doesn’t interest meexplained the coach. What interests me are the discussions I can have with him. But I know how it works: there has always been a journey between saying and doing. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it will be part of my thoughts in the near future. »

Didier Deschamps seems to believe that it is easier for Giroud to promote that he will be a perfect replacement, than to really be one, in Qatar, if he is in the shoes of Benzema’s understudy, or even Mbappé according to the ‘organization.

What can the Milan striker do to convince him? “He doesn’t have to convince meresponds the coach, he knows what I think. I’m not going to go back on that, repeat things that I have said, historically, in relation to the statute. There were other players that I did not take in relation to their status, and that is less noise. Olivier’s objective here is to do everything to perform, and for him as for others, there is competition, a lot of competition, and there will be choices to be made. »


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