Difficult trip for the girls of Handball Nord Lozère

Women’s N3 / Saturday at 6:45 p.m. in Lyon.

After a match that can be described as catastrophic in Chamalières with a 22-13 defeat, the players of Handball Nord Lozère go to the favorite for accession, Lyon Handball. The watchword will be to regain efficiency at the finish because last week the statistics spoke for themselves with 13/45 on shots including 18 outside the frame. So the lack of glue had a lot to do with it, but coach Florent Bodin is waiting for a reaction of pride from the part of his group which has the capacity to do better and must regain confidence.

On the workforce side, only Coralie Hivanhoe is uncertain for professional reasons. For the rest, except last minute problem, it is a team identical to Chamalières which will try to get a result. For Florent Bodin, this is an opportunity to redeem himself: “Last Saturday was a huge disappointment given our warm-up matches. We didn’t have to be at the top in terms of investment in the sessions, but the friendly matches had rather reassured me. There, we will play a favorite for accession and much better than Chamalières. If the team does not apply in the ranks and especially does not apply in the finish, we could take very expensive.”

That said, the HBNL are going to Lyon with the ambition of achieving the same feat as last season, where they won. This will go through a performance on the perfect collective level.

For the boys, after a frustrating draw at Chamalières, Cézar Danciu’s men host the Stade Clermontois at 8 p.m., at the Saint-Alban gymnasium. The Stade clermontois who won by forfeit against Saint-Flour the previous day. For this match, the team will have to deal with the absence of its attacking strategist, Yasser Senouci, but can count on the return of Yohan Baduel and Florent Berthuit to compose a competitive group.

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