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The Ondo Handball Club Association of Pobè has its President. His name is Dine Akadiri. He was elected this Saturday, July 30, 2022, during a constitutive General Assembly, held at Ceg 2 of the Commune.

Indeed, three points were on the agenda of this constitutive meeting. It is therefore a question of approaching studies, amendments and adoptions of the statutes and rules of procedure. Then the election of the members of the Board of Directors and finally the Miscellaneous. On the first point, as indicated in the minutes, the participants examined and amended the statutes and the rules of procedure, which were thus adopted unanimously. As for the second point, it was characterized by the election of the members of the Board of Directors. It was at the end of the ballot that Dine Akadiri was crowned President of this Association. In various and finally, the elected president thanked all the participants and urged them to a frank collaboration. This, so that, according to him, the objectives of the Association are achieved.

Presentation of the Office

President : AKADIRI dinner

1st Vice President: OLATOUNDJI Jacques

2nd Vice President: GBADAMASSI Arif

General secretary : BELLO K. Paul

Deputy General Secretary : ADJAGBE Jérémy

General Treasurer : ADECHINA Faozane

Deputy General Treasurer : OGOULEKE Dominique

First general organizer : SOGNIGBE Serges

Second General Organizer : ATCHEBIOLOU Clement

Third General Organizer : DJIMAN

Materials manager : DOVONOU Pamphile

Two auditors were elected. It is :

1- BELLO Josiane

2- AMAH Zita

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