Disc golf, a discipline to discover

The Fada has found refuge in the Pierre-Coulon park, where it now offers one of the most beautiful courses in France. Fada, behind the acronym, the association of “Fous à lier du disc golf”. A discipline to discover.

For those who walk in Pierre-Coulon Park, it is impossible not to notice these curious yellow metal bollards surrounded by a curtain of chains. Looking better, not far from the latter, stuck in the grass, red or white studs see parallelograms of 2 m by 1, concrete or sand. Flying saucer landmarks?

This discipline is very similar to classic golf

Not quite, but not that far from the truth. These are baskets intended to receive “flying discs” – avoid the term Frisbee – launched by a disco golfer. This discipline, very popular in the USA or in Finland, is very similar to classic golf. You start with a calibrated step at the start to approach the basket and finally put your disc into the receptacle and move on to the next step. To do this, different discs are used depending on the technical gesture to be performed.

It has been almost ten years since disc golf first appeared in Vichy. Timidly at first, then more insistently over the past two years. Selim Yilmazoglu, the new president, talks about “the first baskets distributed before arriving at a closer collaboration with the local authorities. Our course is now fully regulatory with 18 baskets distributed half on each side of the beal (ie nine standard holes, too). We added three more to allow for warm-ups. The real plus is the superb setting of Coulon Park in which disc golfers can assess. Eight kilometers of a very rural course. In fact, the Vichy course is now recognized as one of the most beautiful in France.

A weekend of discovery

Moreover, Selim Yilmazoglu and his team propose to discover the latter as well as the discipline during the weekend of September 24 and 25. Either a Vichy Open open to all, licensed or not, on prior registration (possibility of loaning equipment) and the next day an Aura-Vichy open there to AuRa licensees, this tournament being one of the qualifying rounds for places in the League.

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