Discover the little trick in addition to Jon Rahm to make high draw balls!

The three-time DP World Tour Championship winner has revealed one of his little secrets for hitting high draw balls to go further but also when the situation calls for it. As often everything starts from the position in relation to the ball and without too much effort, you should be able to execute this shot!

In the jargon we call it a small cookie, a tip, a tip or a nugget. In this video posted on the twitter account of his equipment supplier Callaway, ex-world number 1 Jon Rahm gives the two keys to using they help each other to hit high balls and in draw (trajectory from right to left for him).

To sum up, the winner of the US Open 2021 moves the position of his driver back at address like the famous Moe Norman, an autodidact who marked the history of golf and places his ball a little higher on the tee.

Photo ©Callaway/Andrew Redington/Getty Images

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