Due to a design flaw, the Château-Gontier rugby pitch is under intensive care

Bertrand Ducos, manager of the Château-Gontier rugby club (Mayenne), showing what the agents achieved, at the end of September 2022, to bring the main field back to life. (©Haut Anjou)

The drought of the summer made him particularly suffer. Fr September 2022the rugby club main ground of Chateau Gontier (Mayenne)located on the territory of the delegated municipality of Saint-Fort (Mayenne)is the subject of particular attention.

The lack of rain, the high summer temperatures and water restrictions created a very problematic situation.

A design flaw

The green spaces service intervened during the month of September 2022 to try to save it. responsible son, Benoit Guaisexplains that this land, translated in 2017 by the President of the French Rugby Federation, Bernard Laportepresents a design flaw.

“On land that was made a bit like a road, with a thick layer of flat stone. They put on a tar-like emulsion and combined with earth and sand. It is a land, unfortunately, where there is not much life. It is kept on a drip with water and fertilizer,” observes Benoit Guais.

Benoit Guaisgreen spaces department manager

With the water restrictions, this infusion stopped: “If it is not watered, the grass dies. »

In order to allow the club to play its next match against Mayenne Sunday, October 9, 2022the agents of the green spaces service worked for three days, from September 20 to 22, 2022.

“Has put the big means. We did a dethatching. Felt is that layer of grass that is left over when you make a tone. Normally, this layer of grass is degraded by bacteria and earthworms. As there is no life, it is not degraded”, details Benoît Guais.

Break the waterproof layer

To break this “chain reaction”, three successive passes took place with a specific machine to pay remove the top layer of felt in the field.

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“We removed almost three centimeters before relining. We re-seeded half of the field with a topdresser. It is a machine with cut discs that cut the surface of the soil so that the seed is buried. In this way, the seed will start to germinate underground and when it comes out we can theoretically play on the ground. »

After this spot treatment, it will be necessary to apply a basic treatment.

“We will have to decompact this land. The idea is to go and break this impermeable layer which prevents exchanges between the subsoil and the surface. We have a company that will come to decompact with blades that go down to 15 centimeters deep. They will come in this fall. »

Benoit Guais

UN other construction site could take place “not before next year”, after it has been included in the budget.

Son but: make carrots about 15 centimeters in diameter. “This represents a cost of around €4,000 per pitch. Here too, the idea is to allow the water to flow and restore life. »

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