Duel of Blood and Gold in perspective

After PSG in 2019 and Angers in 2022, ESA Linas/Montlhéry (N3) will face the @RCLens in the 32nd final of the @French Cup next January 7 or 8. pic.twitter.com/5dLM2T6BKC

— Jeremy Andrieux (@jeremy_andrx) November 21, 2022

In the ESALM club house, it’s party time! ” After Paris-Saint-Germain in 2019, it was the best draw we could have. Currently, it is the best team in France behind PSG. We do the Coupe de France for this kind of poster “, says, all smiles, Stéphane Cabrelli the coach of the Sang et Or essonniens. A speech shared by its president Michaël Bertansetti. ” It is the best ! We’ll teach them our version of the Sang et Or song “, jokes the Essonne leader. Only question remains. Where will the meeting take place? ” We cannot do it at the Paul-Desgouillons stadium in Montlhéry. The priority is to play at the Robert-Bobin stadium in Bondoufle. Now, if this is not possible, we will study other possibilities and why not dispute the match at the Bollaert stadium? », confides Michaël Bertansetti, the president of the ESALM.

Jeremy Andrieux

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