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Captured on Nintendo Switch (portable/not connected)

Clap Hanz is a PlayStation-related studio that produces some very popular titles. Golf for All / Hot Shots Golf through several generations (over the course of more than 20 years). He recently loosened his swing and took another path, however, letting go Applaud Hanz Golf on Apple Arcade. It is this title that is now on Switch as Easy Come Easy Golf; yes, the brand identity with this developer can be a bit confusing.

For those who have never jumped into PlayStation games, it’s a good opportunity to experience the combination of easy image study, cartoon caricatures and decidedly addictive golf. It’s certainly a polished trick, and thanks to those smart device origins, it supports multiple ways to play: you can opt for touchscreen swipe controls in handheld mode, while on a controller you can use controller shifts or more classic three-button presses They’re certainly all functional, but this reviewer is a boomer who insists that golf games be played with the three-button meter, and it works just fine here.

The particularity of this game is that you form a team of golfers, made up of particularly wacky characters, and they each play a hole in a 9-hole course. You need to consider a small group and temporary “mini” players, so the main goal is to go into “Tower” mode to improve your rank, unlock more characters and advance your team. It’s a strong campaign (sort of), with the progression to unlock more courses and characters, as you upgrade the ones you have, being very progressive; you will have to content yourself for a long time. It has a bit of a mobile feel (like challenges that repeat every day) but it’s not compromised by the microtransaction design, thankfully, and the game is smooth from the start as you learn the game.

Captured on Nintendo Switch (portable/not connected)

The equipment you unlock and level up can also be transferred to other areas, such as “World Tournament” and “Online Matches”. World Tournament offers time-limited challenges to complete as you try to reach the top of the online leaderboard. Online matches can be played against random players, or you can set up/join password protected rooms, which is great for competing against friends.

We were able to get into a nice and quick random match, where one player was a veteran with a top golfer, but another was just getting started. Character levels make a big difference in performance, so there may be some variances, but it’s very laid back and laid back on some holes. You can share gestures of support that have made it a pleasant experience; if you want to take the game really online, you must face the Tournament instead.

Luckily, the game is also loaded with other modes. “Bring a Club” / “Pass a Club” are two local multiplayer offerings that allow you to share a system and controller or play against someone else in the room with your own copy. You can also choose between all the characters and courses in these modes, which is a good idea considering how long it takes to unlock everything naturally throughout the Tour. Beyond that, there are challenge modes called ‘Survival’ and ‘Score Attack’; these are nice folds and are great for a little pick-up-and-play. Add to that unlockables, fun variations on course conditions, and customization options for the Many characters, and there’s a lot of good content.

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Captured on Nintendo Switch (portable/not connected)

The gameplay is pretty good too, most importantly. The courses take a fairly realistic approach, so don’t expect the kind of quirks you encounter Mario Golf: Super Rush, but they are interesting and increasingly difficult. There are plenty of them, and as you learn the mechanics and master new techniques, you’ll find classes that will really put you to the test. Sometimes part of the ball physics can be slightly quirky, but once you get into the game, it feels like a good game of golf. There’s a good balance to the game too: it can be casual play for occasional short bursts, or you can get stuck in and explore different techniques in Tower mode.

Performance is perhaps the only area with some negatives. It’s competent, but the game engine is clearly geared towards capable Apple devices as it struggles a bit on Switch, even doing a bit of switching time. tiny a little lent, we’re finally adapted, but you’re looking at a 30fps experience with occasional dips. If you try to skip too many animations or speed up the game, it may also crash and the game crashed once. To be clear, Easy Come Easy Golf performs well overall, and visually it’s very decent, but it’s only slightly below the ideal level of optimization. The sound ends up grating a little too much, really, with the upbeat, unimaginative music getting old pretty quickly. That said, this game is Perfect for relaxed portable gaming with TV or background music.

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