Eliot Astier works with the Brioude tennis club (Haute-Loire) with the Universal National Service

Set up in 2019, the Universal National Service (SNU) has won over some young people. Among them, Eliot Astier. “A friend signed up in February and I liked what he was saying. Neither one nor two, he registered in turn.

After completing his cohesion stage a few months ago in Isère, this young resident of Auzon decided to join the Tennis Club de Brioude for his 84 hours of general mission. “I was already playing tennis here,” explains the 15-year-old. That’s why this sports club and not another. “I chose to do my mission throughout the year instead of doing everything over three weeks,” he adds.

Eight things to know about the arrival of the Universal National Service in Haute-Loire

TCB player for 9 years

Its mission is simple: to supervise children. “I already take care of the U6s, but with football in Vézézoux. He now devotes himself to the sport he has been practicing for 9 years and still at the TCB.

What I like in coaching is the contact with people, seeing the children progress… I will combine pleasure and work. For me, it’s far from being a chore, it’s a great experience.

If for the moment he does not know which age group will be under his responsibility, he is eager to start. To teach, to pass on his knowledge. Eliot Astier has already had some contact with children on the occasion of the Sports event. “There are some who came to test and who came back to the club, it’s nice to have a return,” he admits shyly.

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“Being confronted with yourself, experiencing emotions in a match”

The young man is a keen tennis player. He exchanges balls at the club, but also with his brother outside. His workouts him smoking time, “between 5 and 8 hours a week”, he calculates. “What I like in tennis is to be confronted with oneself, to experience emotions in a match. So, if you go to a tournament in the area, you should meet him on the courts…

Maryne Le Goff


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