Elohim Prandi reconsiders his aggression

After the setback suffered by the Hungarians of Veszprem last Thursday in the Champions League (36-34), PSG Handball wants to catch up against the Poles of Plock tomorrow evening. An important meeting which gave the newspaper the opportunity The Team to talk with Elohim Prandileft-back of the capital club. The 24-year-old looks back on his role in the team, but also on the stabbing he suffered on New Year’s Eve 2022. Selected excerpts.

Psychological aspect and start of the season

“Yes, I feel good, physically, psychologically. I want to be as efficient as possible, to find the player that I have always been and to show myself to the maximum of my potential. I’m hungry for work, I want to show my true face. I am 24 years old, I think the time of childhood has passed. »

His role in the team

“I’ve always preferred to be a field leader. Since childhood. I never wanted to be captain because it’s a role where, humanly, you have to feel someone you can follow with your eyes closed. I’m quite introverted. Not very expressive. Of course, when two great players leave, it frees up space. Niko (Karabatic) is still there, he also plays in both positions (left back, center half). I’m keen to settle whatever I can do. »

His aggression and the resumption of handball

I tell myself that if all goes well, I end up at 70 years old. I almost finished at 23. So we say to ourselves: wouldn’t the childishness be over? I want to progress in my professional and personal life. I feel much calmer, calmer and much more focused on my goals, in life as in handball. I see things quite differently. When you can no longer breathe at my age, you think how am I going to recover my breathing capacity? The biggest fear I had was this. I knew that my muscles were going to come back. »

A future at PSG?

I came to Paris to win. And of course, above all else, win this Champions League. I believe it. I say this because with the departures we have had, sometimes people can say to themselves that it is becoming more complicated. I do not think so. We will have to see with the club but why not continue (at PSG)? »

Return to the France team?

“It is clearly an objective to show my change, my psychological and handballistic evolution. To show that I am reliable. It will go through the field. I think it was complicated to count on me on a recurring basis. I totally understand. The priority today is my club. »

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