Émile Dayral is still looking for an opening at SU Agen

A year later, Émile Dayral has changed a lot. Indisputable holder within the SUA Espoirs, precise as a devil in his sentences, fierce defender and provider of candy to his winger Nalaga, the 20-year-old opening half is ready to take a step forward. Except that his stats from the start of the season in Pro D2 are famous (two appearances at Provence Rugby and against Oyonnax for 30 minutes in total). And, before seeing Elton Jantjies land, this fan of Matt Giteau knows that he has a card to play in the rotation of the pros.

You entered for the last five minutes against Oyonnax (9-24) when you hadn’t appeared since the first day in Aix-en-Provence, how did your return to the pros go?

It was a bit short, but it’s fun to play with the front page. I entered a rather particular context where there, one did not ask me to manage the match, but, on the contrary, to put a little madness. The instruction was to play all the balls and try to outsmart Oyonnax.

You have been at Agen for two seasons, how do you judge your progress?

In Hopes, it’s going pretty well. In pro, I only made two games this season. I can’t wait to really join the pro group, to play and confirm. On this, I have a lot of impatience and desire. I just can’t wait to show what I can do.

You are one of the centerpieces of the Espoirs who are aiming for the final stages, aren’t you afraid of being considered again this season as the opener of this category rather than that of the pros?

It’s a complicated question, I don’t know how it works. Afterwards, if we have to play important matches with the Espoirs, there is no problem for me, I will be there to help the team. The goal is still to play as a team, after that it’s the same for all young people.

“I like to play well, although I prefer to make others play well too. A good 10 must know how to be forgotten »

Behind Raphaël Lagarde, is there a place to take?

I have a card to play, it’s true. With the Thomas Vincent injury (ankle), I am entering the rotation. But to get a place, you have to play, know the guys, create automatisms and things will fall into place.

The arrival of the South African world champion, Elton Jantjies, is it a reinforcement or competition in your position?

I think he will help me and bring me some pieces on my future and my development as an opener. He is 32 years old, we needed someone to support us. I think it’s good, it will bring its added value. It’s going to help me boost myself, I’m going to challenge myself, it’s a real goal.

Émile Dayral had his first minutes in Pro D2 this season at Provence Rugby (17-19).

Loic Dequier

What do you ask the pro staff to pass the course between the Hopes and the first team?

Patience ! They tell me that the position of 10 is not learned overnight, that it requires a lot of maturity. My goal was to work on kicking, which I do with Jérôme Miquel every week. I have to be around 80% on goal.

This desire to put a little more madness to pack the matches, is this also the role of the 10 of the impeller?

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