Espalion: Enola Chalmeton, first winner of the tennis open

Opened by a ladies’ multi-chance tournament, the 45th edition of the Espalion tournament resumed this weekend and will end on August 15.

If the usual slogan always gives a good place to young people, the Espalion tennis club offers for the opening of its tournament a very feminist “place for the ladies”. Indeed, under the arbitration of Julien Camboulives, twelve of them competed this weekend to win the right to enter the main draw.

By placing three in the final square, the Espalionnaises did well and the victory in the final of the young Enola Chalmeton over Magali Brun validates the progress of a pure product of the club’s tennis school. Spoiled by the flawless cuisine of Maxime Rous, these ladies will keep excellent memories of their entry into the running. The three shots of the main tournament took place on Monday and it is looking very good given the number of entries. Under the authority of Hugo Jean-Baptiste, referee for the fourth year, the many registrations for the third and fourth series announce great encounters spiced up by the surprise that the local players have at crossing the racket with the “vacationers”, often of Aveyron origin, exiled elsewhere.

Everyone was able to discover with enthusiasm the new facilities which offer an ideal setting for a major tournament. In view of the scorching temperatures, the referee has logically chosen to favor “cool” matches and most of the games will take place in the morning from 9 a.m. and in the afternoon from 5.30 p.m. first entries (but registration runs until August 7), the final table promises to be particularly tough.

Alongside the men’s and women’s tournaments, there will be the Mozaïc tournament for young people aged 11 to 18, the specific finals of which will take place on Friday 12 August. A little overshadowed by the senior tournaments, the Mozaïc offers thrilling matches disputed in the best sportsmanship. For their part, the “grand finals” will take place on Friday, August 15 and their schedule will be specified according to weather conditions.

The welcome to the tournament is intended to be friendly whatever the level of the players to make them appreciate the site of the fairground and make them want… to come back next year for the 46th edition.

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