ETEC approaches the season with caution

I’m not saying that we no longer want to go up, but we want to be patient.

Serious but a little more measured goals for this season. Rémi Faugères’ men are coming out of a complicated season where ambitions for the rise have not been satisfied. “We will try to be more careful, the group does not have the same experience. We want to build things. I’m not saying that we no longer want to go uphill, but we want to be patient throughout the season. The group must also define its objectives. »

Rémi Faugères is more cautious this season.

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ETEC wants to proceed step by step and first of all be well placed in the middle of the season at Christmas. However, Rémi Faugères does not regret having spoken openly about the climb last year. “We had a group to do it”explains the Charentais technician.

But since then, there has been a bit of turnover within ETEC, with departures of emblematic players (see box) and a few arrivals. Including that of the well-known Gauthier Mvumbi, who caused a sensation with the DRC during the 2021 World Cup with his impressive physique (1.95 m, 137 kg). “We have a group that has changed, which has become younger and we will have to offer a different handball based on the qualities of the players and the physical qualities that will have to be a notch above. » In order to put on the game even faster for the coming season.

Avoid fatigue at the start of the season

For this, the ETEC will be able to build this new game project through three friendly matches (see box). A choice that contrasts with the many friendly matches scheduled at the start of last season. It is assumed by Rémi Faugères: “We felt tired last year at the start of the season, which explains in particular our defeat against Tardets. I decided to manage the players’ physique with rest times during this preparation to allow us to arrive at the start of the season with more freshness because we will be physically demanding on them at the start of the season. We have a fairly large group and we will also have the opportunity to confront each other internally, without always traveling. »

ETEC will start their championship on September 10 against Irisartarrak at home. It will be the same start as last season. The Charentais were then imposed on the floor of the Basques. Should we see a sign there?

Rookie update

Departures: Dorian Signoret (goalkeeper, save), Davorin Vranic (Right back, save), Guillermo Ros Arribas (Back, Switzerland), Ludovic Bussard (Pivot, save), Jérémie Rodriguez (Left winger, save).

Arrivals: Alessandru Vasiliu (Goalkeeper, Objat Corrèze N3), Gauthier Mvumbi (Pivot, Pouzauges N1), Kevin Mbara (Winger, Montfermeil, N2), Enzo Nemery (Goalkeeper, La Rochelle N3).

Friendly: August 12: Pouzauges to Pouzauges, August 17: Saintes to Saintes, August 30: Limoges to La Rochefoucauld.

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