Exceptional misadventure with a spectator

Faraj Benlahoucine, Media365: published on Sunday July 24, 2022 at 7:56 p.m.

This Sunday at the Evian Championship, a spectator interfered with the course of this golf tournament. To the grandmother of world number one, Nelly Korda.

This weekend, the LPGA gave an appointment to the best female golfers on the planet at the Amundi Evian Championship. On the occasion of its 9th edition, this major tournament in Haute-Savoie, on the shores of Lake Geneva, has once again not given the competitors a gift with its challenging course. This one almost played a nasty trick on Brooke Henderson. Winner of this 2022 competition had badly caused this last day this Sunday but she ended up recovering to finally win, returning a card of 267, to the benefit of a stroke ahead of the American Sophia Schubert.

This triumph suffers no dispute. However, another player was more expected. The world number one, Nelly Korda, was the big favorite although she had never obtained better than a 25th place in four participations in this French Major. Admittedly, she did not play the leading roles, but her introduction had nevertheless ideally placed her, on a par with Brooke Henderson. This 22-year-old American had her best performance at Evian, finishing his competition in 8th position, four strokes behind the winner. But once again, the world number one has been talked about again but in spite of herself this time.

A world number one that is out of the ordinary

This Sunday, at a time when she could still hope to worry about the 10th player in the world, she sent the ball beyond the limits of the green. against all odds, a spectator then picked up the ball which had finished rolling down a path near a tree. Unbelievable ! This lady, unfamiliar with the rules of the little white ball, immediately received the wrath of another spectator telling her to put the object of the crime back where she had found it. Unwittingly, she relocated it and buried it somewhat in the middle of wood shavings, making it harder for Nelly Korda on the next move. A sacred memory and a new atypical anecdote for the daughter of the Petr Korda monument. Winner of three titles this season, including a Major, the KPMG Women’s Championship in Maryland near Washington in June. Propelled to the rank of world number one, she then surprised everyone by revealing her decompression technique. Video games. Her own way of clearing her mind and relieving all forms of pressure.

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