Exhibition – Rafael Nadal: “My end is not in the near future” #nadal #rafanadal #golf #Majorca #rafa #tennis

Absent at Malaga with the Spanish team for the final stages of the Davis Cup, Rafael Nadal however returned to competition. He participated this weekend in an amateur golf competition at his home in Majorca ! His 2022 season ended after his last game of ATP Finals (victory against the future finalist Casper Ruud). ‘”It’s time to go home for a few days” he said in the post-match conference“then I’m going to do a tour of Latin America, a few matches. Even if it’s exhibition matches, it helps to get in shape. Then I’ll go home and work on a good preparation for the start of next season.” But no time to breathe.

Nadal, “happy” that Djokovic can play in Australia

“I’m ready for my next life outside of tennis”

According to information from Danny Miche, Nadal signed with Fenix ​​Entertainment, the leading entertainment company in Latin America. He flew with Casper Ruud to play in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Colombia. Before playing a double in Argentina with Gabriela Sabatini, Rafa answered many questions at a press conference. In particular, he mentioned a possible retirement. No news for now. “I’m a pretty realistic person, the time will come when it has to come, I’m ready for my next life outside of tennis, I don’t think it will be a problem, beyond the process of adapting to all the changes and assimilating things. I have many important things in my life that make me happy beyond tennis. Tennis has only been an important part of my life, but there are others that are just as important, if not more. I don’t think my end is in the near future, not at all.”.

Papa Rafa: “I’m more tired, you sleep a little less, you have a new concern in your life”

young dad, Nadal talked about his new role and adaptation. “All changes in life take time to assimilate and adapt, this happened to me six weeks ago when I first became a father. I’m more tired, you sleep a little less, you have a new concern in your life that’s unlike anything I’ve experienced before. I am neither more nor less than another father, I imagine that everyone will live it with the greatest emotion and excitement, with a lot of happiness and trying to make the most of the moments that I can spend with him”.


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