Fabrezan: Lamri Boudiaf, passionate handball player

Lamri Boudiaf from Narbonne, 55, is an entrepreneur in the import of agri-food products. Considering handball as a real passion and above all a hobby, he has been involved in the Fabrezan club for about 12 years.

Besides rugby and judo, he discovered handball at the age of 11 in Narbonne. He has been devoting himself to this sport for 44 years now, which he defines as a long love story. He coaches a team of youngsters from the age of 13.

Having always had a sense of sharing, he is suitable for this path. Lamri met the Fabrezan club during his youth during derbies at the outdoor stadium on Avenue de la Gare, playing alongside Maurice Seguier (founder of the Fabrezan club).

Today, he coaches several teams from the Fabrezan Handball Sports Association, including the under-17 girls and under-18 boys. Very attached to the club, he also helps other categories for coaching and training such as mixed under 11s and also takes care of handball courses during the holidays.

Never being short of ideas, Lamri has many projects to come to animate this beautiful sports association.

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