Faith. Rugby: cadets, reserves and pennants carried the Fuxean colors high

The cadets scored an avalanche of tries against US Tarascon, defeated by 79-0. The team was made up of: Guilhot, Lozano, Techer, Munoz, Monlong, Soula, Canitrot (c), Feral-Clanet, Wyon (m), Lebachelier (o), Dabosi, Héraud, Daniel-Sreng, Dominguez-Duran, Chane-Kuen. Replacements: Seilhan, Lafon, Fournié, Bendahmane-Jacquart, Papy, Cano, Larrieu. The markers: Attempts by: Dominguez-Duran 1, Chane-Kuen 3, Cantirot 2, Papy 4, Daniel Sreng 2, Dabosi 1, 7 Lebachelier transformations.

The juniors go up in charge and do not lose to the same club by 15-8. The team: Marty, Delrieu, Deville, Laurent, Rivière, Riu, Alexandre, Font, Galin (m), H. Tourtoulou (o and c), Roux, Sentenac, Grellet, Marin, Gélade. Replacements: Laza, Cazaux. The markers: 1 Deville try, 1 Font claim.

Excellent performance by the reserved team which won against Portet/Garonne 16-13 after a good match played at 12. USF lined up: Pinto, Sempé, Sozanovitch, Mansion, T. Péreira, CL. Gouzy, Martins (h), Denjean o and cap, Amorin, M. Gouzy, Walheim, Khzizou. Replacements: Marrot, Rivière. The markers: all the points are the work of Mathieu Gouzy, 1 try, 1 conversion and 3 complaints.

The pennant team returns to business taking 3rd place in the standings. Lézat/Lèze finds the soft chair of leader with 27 pts widening the gap with his pursuers Ramonville-Saint-Agne 22 pts, USF 21 pts. The Auterive red lantern has 15 pts. We confirm that this hen 4 figures among the tightest, making the competition interesting.

This 8th day will have left its mark, Lézat largely won at Auterive, Mazères passed the line against Saint-Orens 12-11, Carbonne-Longages largely beat Labarthe / Lèze 20-6 and Ramonville beat cooperation 29-5.

Next Sunday November 27, the blood and or will go to Saint-Orens, there also for a cleaver match. This will be the final match of the first leg. As usual, the first return match, against Mazères, will mark the beginning of the long truce for the confectioners.

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