Federer and Nadal offer the first set, follow the double live

LAVER CUP 2022. Imperial at the net and relaxed, Federer made a good impression and won the first set with Rafael Nadal. His last against Tiafoe and Sock is going wonderfully.

The essential

  • Start of the Laver Cup 2022 this Friday, September 23 with a first match on the program. If Team Europe showed its superiority in the afternoon with the victories of Tsitsipas and Ruud crunched Schwartzman (6-2, 6-1) and Sock (6-4, 5-7, 10-7), Team World reacted at the start of the evening through Alex De Minaur. The Australian ended up dominating a Murray, tenacious but with too fair a physique (5-7 6-3 10-7).
  • At the high point of the evening, the double of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal is eagerly awaited. It will be the very last match of the Swiss career, who announced his retirement, on the ATP circuit. The two rivals and friends will be opposed to the American pair Sock – Tiafoe.
  • Follow the Laver Cup 2022 live and in full with all matches and live scores.


00:25 – Federer and Nadal come apart

On a diving backhand return from Nadal, Tiafoe hits the ball twice with his racket when volleying. It’s subtle and the referee realizes it. Débreak of the Spaniard and the Swiss who recall at 3-3 after 1h13 of play.

00:24 – Two break points for Nadal and Federer

Tiafoe commits his first double fault and gives Nadal and Federer two chances to catch up.

00:21 – Very nice exchange on the fly

The four men achieve a magnificent sequence with nice volleys and finally end with a smash in the center of Nadal’s field.

00:19 – Federer and Nadal remain in contact

At the net, Nadal is solid and manages to crack Tiafoe. Relatively quiet game for the Spaniard and Federer who remains within reach (2-3).

00:16 – Sock takes care of his serve

Sock finally wins his service game by sliding his ball behind the net. From the baseline, Nadal was slow to get going and couldn’t get on the ball in time to lift him over the net. Break confirmed (3-1)

00:15 – New break point saved

Federer is holed up in his return by wanting to shift on his forehand. He decenters his ball grip and commits the fault which snatches an angry cry from him. In the aftermath, Tiafoe gives the advantage to his team by taking the Swiss on the wrong foot with a well-felt cross volley.

00:13 – Break balls spread

Sock and Tiafoe save the two break points well helped on the second by poor communication between Nadal and Federer. The second does not control his forehand which leaks outside the court.

00:10 – Two break points for Nadal and Federer

Nadal runs Sock who has not replaced himself by putting the ball to the right in the baseline. The American is short and misses his shot in the net. Two break points to follow for Nadal and Federer.

00:08 – Break for Tiafoe and Sock!

On a second ball from Nadal, Sock attacks in the diagonal by shifting in forehand. Federer is one time behind at the net and commits the foul. Break for Sock and Tiafoe who smoke the service of the Fedal duo for the first time (2-1).

00:07 – Two break points saved by Nadal

From the back of the court, Nadal fixes Tiafoe and decides at the last moment from the long line to score the point. The Spaniard clears the second break point with an ace.

00:05 – Three break points for Tiafoe and Sock

Huge return from Tiafoe who sends the ball into Nadal’s feet when he falls after his serve. The Spaniard is surprised and makes the mistake. Three break points for the Team World duo.

00:03 – Sock signs two aces

Jack Sock does not let himself be destabilized and manages 2 authoritative aces to secure his face-off (1-1).

00:01 – Tiafoe cracks from the bottom

Federer and Nadal press Tiafoe on this long exchange and they succeed since the American ends up cracking on an acceleration in a cross forehand put in the net.

09/23/22 – 23:59 – Nadal drops and the game for Federer

At the net, Nadal is targeted by Tiafoe who hits hard on him. The Mallorcan has the right reflex to avoid the ball which comes out far behind the baseline. Federer wins his service game and the two legends will race in the lead in this second act (1-0).

09/23/22 – 11:54 p.m. – First set for Federer and Nadal (6-4)

On their first chance, at the best of times at 5-4 in their favour, Federer and Nadal grabbed the opposing serve and finished the first set -6-4). On the return, Federer first goes diagonally before accelerating on Sock along the line in front of him. The American redacts his volley which got stuck in his racquet and ended up in the net.


Where is the Laver Cup 2022 taking place?

If the 2021 edition of the Laver Cup took place at TD Garden in Boston (USA), the 2022 Laver Cup will take place atLondon O2 Arena (England). The editions take place alternately in Europe and in the rest of the world.

Which teams are in the Laver Cup?

During the Laver Cup, two teams compete against each other: Europe and the rest of the world.

Team World:

  • Felix Auger-Aliassime
  • Taylor Fritz
  • Diego Schwartzman
  • Alex de Minaure
  • Frances Tiafoe
  • Jack Sock
  • Tommy Paul (sub)
  • John McEnroe (captain)
  • Patrick McEnroe (vice-captain)

European team:

  • Novak Djokovic
  • Rafael Nadal
  • Stefanos Tsitsipas
  • Casper Ruud
  • Roger Federer
  • Andy Murray
  • Matteo Berrettini (substitute)
  • Bjorn Borg (captain)
  • Thomas Engqvist (vice-captain)

What is the Laver Cup?

A sort of tennis Ryder Cup, the Laver Cup is a clash between Europe and the rest of the world. Its name refers to tennis legend, Rod Laver. The Laver Cup 2022 is the fifth edition. Each team consists of six players, two of which are chosen by the captain (Bjorn Borg for Europe and John McEnroe for the rest of the world), the other four players qualify by their ATP ranking.

On the program of the Laver Cup: three singles matches and one doubles match over three days. If the matches of the first day are worth 1 point, those of the second day 2 points and those of the third day 3 points. The meetings take place in 2 sets with, possibly, a long tie-break of 10 points in the event of equality. The first team to score 13 points out of a possible 24 is declared the winner. In the event of a tie at 12-12, the teams decide after a decisive doubles match in one set.

During the Laver Cup, each player is obliged to play at least one singles match during the first 2 days and a player cannot play more than 2 times, in singles, during the 3 days. For doubles matches, at least 4 players per team must play and a pair can only be selected once (except in case of 12-12).

On the Laver Cup list, Europe won the first four editions (2020 was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic).

Which channel broadcasts the Laver Cup?

Laver Cup TV rights holder, Be in sports broadcasts the event from the first edition.

What is the schedule for the Laver Cup?

During the three-day competition, the six players selected by the captains (Bjorn Borg for Europe and John McEnroe for the rest of the world) compete in singles and doubles matches. Here is the schedule for the Laver Cup 2022:

  • Friday, September 23: three singles matches then a doubles match
  • Saturday, September 24: three singles matches then a doubles match
  • Sunday, September 25: a doubles match then three singles matches

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