Finally a date for the arrival of golf in Nintendo Switch Sports!

We were still talking about it last week, with the broadcast of the Japanese commercial about golf in Switch Sports, but no precise date had been communicated. First announced for fall 2022, then postponed to winter due to development taking longer than expected, Nintendo finally manages to honor its first forecast with the arrival of golf for this end of the month.

It is through Nintendo of America’s tweet that we learn the final date which is November 28, next Monday. This long-awaited sport will arrive through a software update. So only a week left to do your stretches, work on your posture and simulate your best swings to be ready for D-Day.

A timely outing when you know that the race for Christmas gifts has already begun for many. Nintendo Switch Sports is THE family game par excellence and will undoubtedly be present this year under the tree. The opportunity to share fun times all together, to sharpen your competitive spirit and to digest the generous holiday meal.


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